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37-bit Grey Plastic Smart Card Keyfob
With a key ring slot. ..
Engineering Hardware Day
£650.00 per day. ..
Engineering Hardware Day - Sat/Sun
£1250.00 per day. ..
Engineering Hardware Hour
£250.00 per hour. ..
Engineering Hardware Hour Sat/Sun
£190.00 per hour. ..
Fire roll call 3way switch box
Used for Printer / Fire alarm testing and isolation. ..
Fire Roll-call printer - Networked
Mono laser printer with Network connectivity. ..
Fire Roll-call printer - USB
Mono laser printer with USB connectivity. ..
Plinth for T1x81 Scanners
Allows T1x81 scanner(s) to be mounted on glass (e.g. within a glass based door). ..
SA Photopouch Laminate Open 3 Sides
Self adhesive laminate sleeves to provide a method of identification of individuals on either T1305 ..
Self Adhesive Tensor Smart Card
Self adhesive tag for adding proximity functionality to 3rd party badges. 1.3" diameter. ..
T1306 Blue Plastic Encapsulated 'Smart Card' Badges
Each individually numbered. Used in food manufacturing environments. ..